Our Services

Creative Strategies

Content creation and storytelling is at the head of everything we do. Our in-house creative team supports brands to create impactful campaigns across every social media platform.

Influencer Outreach and Campaign Management

Once influencers are approved, we leverage our expertise and proprietary campaign management tool to facilitate all aspects of influencer-advertiser relationship including rate negoziation, payment processing, content ownership and messaging.

Digital Marketing

We create digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. We operate on all the most important social platforms, through customized and specialized campaigns. We use videos and photos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube; blogs and websites tailored to the needs of each client.

Influencer Identification

Our platform give us access to several millions of global influencers across Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and many more social platforms.

Campaign reporting

All of our campaigns are goal-specific. We track progress, measure, and report performances and ROI. We work with our clients in real-time. Our process is designated to create and deliver quality content at scale.


For every company we create the perfect story to tell about their product. We identify the most effective story to tell every single product, we choose the most appropriate influencers, trend events and the ideal setting to achieve the goals suggested by the brief

Perfect and skilled Influencers

Accounts are always verified and monitored, we look at both the quantity of followers and their quality, always trying to increase the engagement of each individual photo, taking advantage of current trends and optimizing posting and sharing times. We also have a training course for new influencers, aimed at transmitting all the notions of digital marketing and instructing them on how to best use their profiles.

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