About us

The i-Cove is the number one communication agency that combines its digital marketing skills with the passion and content of the most influential blogs and social profiles in the fashion, luxury, food and any other sector. We are specialized in defining digital marketing strategies based on a brief: from the choice of influencers to the creation of a storytelling plan. Our goal is the growth of brand awareness of all our customers, thanks to the high number of followers who have profiles in our network.

Our mission is to bring the human element back into advertising by giving people the opportunity to create, share and involve brands and products. We want to innovate the process of storytelling (narration) by amplifying the concept of "word of mouth" through images, sounds and videos. First and foremost are efficiency, quality and transparency for both advertisers and influencers.

Thanks to our network of influencers from the world of fashion, luxury and food, we offer companies effective and efficient digital marketing solutions to increase brand awareness and the positioning of a product on the web. Using the right strategy to tell your product from the right people in social networks brings great visibility as well as humanizing it and aiming directly at the chosen target.

With a deep understanding of the influencer landscape, a full-fledged analytics platform, and a team of dedicated social engineers, i-Cove has established a successful track record working with clients in fashion, lifestyle, travel, automotive, entertainment, technology, consumer packaged goods and every other industry. 

We take pride of working with the most discerning advertisers and of being a first mover and thought leader in the influencer marketing industry.